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Boots on the Ground is unlike any planned itinerary you might expect. We do not schedule too much into our yearly calendar as the Spirit can always change things within 24 hours and direct us not to travel - or even more bizarely prompt us to get on a flight and land in a country we had no intention of going to! Boots on the Ground missions are completely directed by the Spirit of God and hardly ever within our yearly planning!

When we are directed by the Spirit to go to a particular country or region and "strike" our Boots upon the Ground, it is like a prophet of old striking the ground with his mantle (the symbol) of his gifting and calling. It is to register the prophetic in advance of God accomplishing some spiritual objective that we are only partially privy to most times!

The presence of a prophet in a specific geographic territory agitates the enemy, ignites the spiritual, releases revelation and heralds the intention of God to do something for and within that territory.

Whenever the Spirit prompts us to undertake these Boots on the Ground missions, we do so entirely at own cost, trusting God to provide along the way. Most times we are completely unhosted in whatever city we find ourselves in and are totally reliant on God to direct and provide for us. But I have learnt over many years that God provides people to provide provision. Think of Elijah and the widow who provided for his care or Elisha and the woman who provided a room for the prophet.

In both cases the supernatural visited them because of their willingness to become part of the prophets mission! Likewise it is your benevolence and generosity that allows us to execute the instructions God gives to us and you become a part of our Boots on the Ground missions around the world. Expect the supernatural to visit you when you and as you do!

Even though we dont know in advance where God is sending us on a Boots on the Ground mission, the Spirit does put into our heart a pull toward a certain city or region and we plan ahead to be there in the Will and the timing of God. Sometimes we do schedule things according to that "pull", but we might still receive a "No! Don't go!" from the Lord at the last minute. We do our very best to keep this calendar updated so that you may know what we are doing and how you can get involved. Welcome to the, ironically unpredictable and chaotic, world of a Prophet!



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