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We are currently involved in a number of projects in our vision to take the sound of the prophetic across the world!

With the technological advances over the last three decades, the 21st century Prophet is in a position to reach the entire planet with the teachings of Christ. It is true that Jesus in his ministry preached to far fewer numbers and certainly without the aid of modern public address systems. In comparison Billy Graham preached to many millions more people in worldwide crusades than Jesus preached to in 3 years of ministry. Today with satellite broadcasting and television programming, hundreds of millions of people across the globe can be reached simultaneously. It is not a big stretch of the imagination to consider that given the rate of advancement of technology and the ever increasing speed of transmission and reception of digitized data coupled with on demand connectivity, that it is not only possible but a growing reality that the sound of God's voice through His stewards is coming to people who would possibly never connect to His sound.


Our big project right now is to establish an online church to stream live via the web so we can reach right people in their own space, boardrooms, bedrooms, on the subway, or even waiting to catch a flight!

As an extension of the online church we are working determinedly to establish a physical teaching school from where we could conduct all our seminars and classes and video each lesson to create online content so that people from all over the world can take future courses whether via live-stream or physically attending!

As a ministry based in third-world Africa, we are committed to doing what we can to alleviate the hunger, famine, lack of housing and even running water and electricity. These are things that many of the people we minister to in Asia, Europe and the US take for granted - yet in Africa these are luxuries most only dream of!

Help us to make a difference. To be the difference! Jesus didnt just preach fancy sermons to the curious! He acted! He healed and fed and made a difference in the lives of people! By supporting us financially in any of these projects you are actually reaching untold hundreds even thousands of souls! You eneable us to fulfill the mandate to touch the souls of people but to meet their dire need! This is Christianity in action!

Please open your heart and support these projects! Your finance could be the difference maker in someone's life. You might never meet the person, never know anything about their situation and circumstance - but on the day we stand before the Lord when He "...judges each man according to his works" (Rom 2:6) - then your alms, and charity and suport will come up as a memorial before the Great Judge of the Soul. How great then will your reward be!



studio  & setup funding

Music & sound equipment

Audio-Video equipment

Set and studio design

ISP streaming gear



school funding

Premises rental deposit

Classroom furniture

Audio-Video equipment

Computers and Smart-Board



support for African projects

SOLAR panels

WATER WELLS rurual areas


ORPHANS & orphanages




Partner with us on all projects

Monthly subscription 1 year

We allocate % accross projects

ISRAEL is Forever donation

These projects are initiatives are personal direction given to Greg from the Lord. Please contact the prophet directly by sending an email to should you wish to discuss ways you could support or assist in making them a reality. Or for amounts exceeding the options provided.


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